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Shoulder Entry catsuit

Shoulder Entry catsuit

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Customer feedback

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Nov 3, 2014
This is my second catsuit that I've ever purchased, and easily my favorite. I wanted to try this shoulder zipper design because I have found back zippers to be too constricting, and I am very happy with the way my new catsuit fits and moves along with me. I recommend this design highly. I have received a lot of compliments wearing it out, and honestly I never want to take it off. I will probably get this design in a few more colors, I love it!

Advantages: Great fit when custom sized. High quality latex garment, strong construction. Neck zippers look nice and allow quick undressing. This design is a great alternative to a neck entry catsuit, and it's a lot easier to get in and out of. The absence of a zipper along the back or front allows for some nice freedom of movement.

Disadvantages: Dress carefully, tight fitting latex can rip if talc or lube isn't used. Luckily repair is offered in the event of a repair from Latex Catfish, or if you have an old latex garment like me you can easily repair it yourself!
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Philip Tyler
Feb 3, 2015
I now have 2 of these shoulder zip catsuits my latest one is in metallic red. Both were made to measure and the fit is very good. So nice and tight fitting yet being shoulder entry they are easy to get on. Although not so easy to get off so have to step into the shower which makes the process so much easier. Superb feeling when wearing this suit as its really nice and tight fitting. Make sure you measure correctly to get a good fit.

Advantages: Easy to get on.
When made to measured has a really nice tight fit.
Looks very good on and quite flattering.
Feels so good on!

Disadvantages: Once on you don't want to take it off! :)
If you have been wearing it for some time you will need the help of a shower to get it off, but then if you want a tight fit that's a small thing to have to do.
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Bernd Kasperidus
Aug 28, 2016
Orderd this suit in metallic red 0,4mm made to measure.

The quality is superb. Usually there is a problem with latex, that is not black, that some color from beneath the suit is shining thru. Not with the suit from Latexcatfish. The latex is fully colored and completely covering. The suit itself fits like a glove.

I would give six stars if possible.

Advantages: The shoulder entry is a real advantage. When you dont want zippers on the front and you go for the usual back zipper you have real trouble to put a full suit on. Not with the shoulder entry. Even alone you put the suit on in under two minutes.

Disadvantages: none
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Oct 26, 2016
Just got my suit love it order XXlarge in 1mm royal blue fits real good and fell good ware all night long with hood love it I have bout severl suits and will bye more suits made real good

Advantages: made real good fast delver

Disadvantages: have none
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Mr. Dan Thayer
Jan 3, 2018
This is my first catsuit ever and I love it. Although I'm only 5'8", I ordered the XXL as I'm a little larger round the middle than I would like to be. It still fits perfectly and my wife thinks it looks fab. Really comfortable and a really high quality construction and finish. Couldn't be happier.

Advantages: High quality construction and finish. Really comfortable. Unbelievably low price for such an excellent item.

Disadvantages: Tricky to get into at first (to be expected, I suppose).
I received the despatch email and tracking number the day AFTER I received the item - maybe some system issues?
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Boris Berlin
Jun 7, 2016
This is my first glued catsuit and it's way better than the "cheap" one I had before (in fact it was more expensive). I bought standard size S and it fits 100%, made to measure couldn't be better in my case. Really easy to put on, fantastic look and feeling. I also want to mention the friendly and helpful customer service who adapted the shipping method to my needs. I am definitely going to buy more from Catfish.

Advantages: * Really easy to put on.
* More smooth latex surface, less zipper.
*Amazing fit.
* Feels and looks sooo good.

Disadvantages: You never want to take it off.
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Jul 4, 2016
Nach einigem Ärger mit anderen Anbietern (die alle die gleichen Photos benutzen ), habe ich mich entschlossen, mir diesen Catsuit in 0,6mm hier massschneidern zu lassen. Hervorragend!!!
Der Anzug sitzt perfekt und die 0,6mm sagen, wo´s langgeht. Nicht restriktiv, aber mit leichtem Druck. Schultern zurück und Kopf geradeaus... Und nach acht Stunden nervt er immer noch nicht, im Gegenteil, er läßt einen die Uhr zurückdrehen.
Ich habe ihn in Royal Blue genommen. Wenn man das NICHT auf Hochglanz poliert, mit ´nem Sweatshirt darüber, oder einem Sportjäckchen, fällt´s auch gar nicht so auf...

Advantages: Preis und Leistung stimmen, die Maße sind korrekt, die Nähte sauber und stabil; es liegt ein ( farbrichtiger ) Reparaturflicken bei.

Disadvantages: Wie die Anderen schon sagen: Du willst nicht mehr da raus.
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Paul Semeese
Nov 10, 2016
perfect fit - very well tailored
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Mr. Lynn Mitchell
Dec 29, 2016
Love this suit. This is my first shoulder zip suit. It is far more comfortable than a back or front zip suit, but more difficult to get on and off.

Advantages: Comfort, fit and appearance better than front or back zip suits.

Disadvantages: More difficult to get on and off, use lots of lube to get on, take it off in the shower.
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Mr. Solomon Sorin
Jun 4, 2020
Superb: Excelent product. I love it. fits very well. I ordered XL, although maybe I should have ordered L. I ordered this because I am more corpulent and I was afraid that maybe the size L will not cover me.
latex is very soft and shiny, it is very easy to wear even without lubricant. I love this catsuit ... I would never take it off again.
thanks latexcatfish.
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