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Breast Formula

Breast Formula

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Customer feedback

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Apr 5, 2015
I ordered this in black with the 3000g breasts... the look is absolutely amazing !! I can't wait to show this off with the steel boned corset that I purchased with the suit. I ordered the suit with a half back zip and would highly recommend it.

Advantages: The supporting strap that goes around the back of your neck takes the weight of the breasts brilliantly. This really keeps the shape of the cups and gives a really realistic look.

Disadvantages: I'm not happy about having to take the suit off...
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Mr. Lynn Mitchell
Mar 31, 2015
I now have 2 these a black and a silver, they are just great.

Advantages: Mostly unlike it's German competitor, it has zip entry(mine are back zip). Price is secondary.

Disadvantages: A bit tough to slide the breast forms in, but with practice not bad.
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All Wrapped Up
Apr 10, 2016
I have to admit the suit is well tailored, comfortable, and a perfect fit. The metallic purple is a lot of fun with this look. Ordered with the 2400g pair of breasts and detached gloves.

Advantages: The suit itself is very well made. Very happy with the quality there. With the breasts it makes for very nice curves.

Disadvantages: The gloves are a bit long in the fingers. If I consider another suit, I will probably leave off the gloves.

I would love it if there were 1600g per pair breasts. The 2400g are large. Beyond the D range. If you have a small frame, they may make you look a bit top heavy.
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Jan 10, 2017
Fantastic quality. I went with 2400g, made to measure, 0.60mm latex in black. It looks amazing, feels amazing, and I don't want to ever take it off.

Advantages: The breast strap is awesome and keeps the boobs well in place.

Disadvantages: There is a slight discomfort when bending over, as the strap seems to strangle me a bit. Possibly get a bit longer U seam next time.
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Mr. Erik Gusting
Oct 24, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I have the catsuit now about a year with the 3000gram boobs and made to measure. It is really very well made and high quality. I love to wear it a lot and have bought today a second one in red.

Advantages: very well made
High quality
really nice and fast
it looks great on me.

Disadvantages: you want to buy more and more and more......
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Oct 3, 2015
I ordered this suit for my gf made-to-measure. It fits perfect. I brought my own silicone breasts and latex catfish even asked for the measurements of them and now they fit just perfect into the pockets.

It's a really stunning looking catsuit!
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Sep 10, 2016
Looks amazing! Really can't say that enough. Our's is with a neck entry and just looks fantastic on.
We went with the smaller implants and it looks great!
Really if you are on the fence about buying this, do it. Really you will not be disappointed.

Advantages: Great fit when made to measure ...
Looks phenomenal ...
Fun !!!

Disadvantages: When you buy one ... you WILL want another ... and another ... and another ...
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Mr. Brendan Trebley
Sep 8, 2017
I have 4 of these breast formula catsuits and they are superb.

Advantages: Great ability to change appearances quickly by different breast sizes.

Disadvantages: none
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Dec 15, 2018
The catsuit is excellently tailored and accurate to description. I ordered it with the 3000g/pair breast forms made to measure and it fist like a charm.
The costumer support is very responsive and welcoming to your additional input and of course personal alterations or additions. Overall a great and satisfying purchase will definitely be ordering more.

Advantages: The suit has built in support for the breast forms it shows the care that went into it so you wont be needing to worry about them fitting or being loose. Further more the quality of the latex is excellent so you are getting what you are looking for if that is your concern you can be at ease. Very adaptive seller included my wish for the breasts of the catsuit to have horizontal zippers, again executed to satisfaction.

Disadvantages: There are no disadvantages to the product really, i cant find anything to be unhappy with.

However just a side note for those that order from the EU (and are ordering for the first time). If you order with the breast forms your shipment will be shipped with DHL due to package weight, so you will need an EORI number from your post office since you will be asked to have one upon your package entering the EU. Keep that in mind as well that in such case you will have an import tax most likely. But you wont have an issue because you love what you get and will be happy to pay anyway to get an awesome catsuit xD
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Jan 2, 2019
This suit is a blast to wear. I have a lot of fun modeling different outfits in it. I got the size L which turned out to be a tad loose for me, however its very close to right on, just not quite as tight as i would like it. That said it is a very well constructed and meticulously well tailored catsuit.

Advantages: Look over the top SEXY.

Disadvantages: I didn't get it made to measure.
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