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An Animal's Tail

An Animal's Tail

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Customer feedback

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Mr. Sean Thompson
Jun 27, 2016
I'm truly amazed and love this suit so much. Made a custom order to change the feet and hands to have a more anthro feel, and was surprised and charmed to see the addition of claws added to hands, I love it a lot and will definetely order from here again!

Advantages: Colours where perfect, measurements where made to scratch - fits absolutely perfectly, the tail adds to the suit so much - intensified wagging! ^.^

Disadvantages: Can take a bit to get used to the tail - has a habit of knocking into things when walking.
With the neck enterence; it can be a tad awkward to get on and off, will look into getting shoulder zipper in future.
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Adam Green
Feb 9, 2015
I love it. It was a custom order made to my measurements and it fits beautifully - everyone who's seen me in it says it's dead sexy and very flattering. I will be ordering more gear from LCF based on the quality of animal suit. I am already thinking about custom orders.

Advantages: Colours were accurate, size accurate, build quality & seams all good, zip is well fixed, inflatable tail is great!

Disadvantages: I could really do with a zip around the bum and the crotch for play purposes. I'll order this next time.
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Mr. James Hess
Aug 17, 2018
This suit is hands-down my favorite! It's very comfortable, fits quite well all over, and they absolutely nailed the small details I wanted done on it.

Advantages: Chlorination on my suit was done very well, so it's very slippery and smooth all over. The tail is cute and not too hard to get used to. I got mine with shoulder zippers and I really like how that leaves the chest area smooth and undisturbed!

Disadvantages: I ordered this in 0.8mm latex, so being extra thick, it definitely makes for a very sweaty time. Not something I mind, as the thicker rubber feels wonderful on its own, but sweat-baths are definitely something I'll have to get used to!
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