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About our site

About our site

The technology behind our site is made up of many different parts .. for the computer nerds out there here's how its put together.


The website) is powered by multiple Linode servers.      Each XEN server instance performs various functions behind the scenes from maintaining inventory to acting as a php service platform.   We use the opensource CENTOS operating system, Apache webserver and PHP Hypertext processor. We also use the mysql database


We don't really run a webserver to you directly, we use a system called CloudFlare to provide CDN across the internet and make our content available to you via its network of servers around the world

CDN Network


Our systems are scanned by 3 commerical agencies, SiteLock, GamaSec and McAffee Daily.  We also run Clamav internally on our systems multiple times a day.  

We maintain full PCI-DSS compliance not only on our payment system (which is required by law) but across our entire website.

Email is handled by Citadle

Spam is (hopefully) caught by spamassassin

Monitus is our network monitoring system

We do use 3rd party systems on our websites which may or may not affect how you view or how you see the site

LexityLive is our application monitor