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Crazy Glamour Latex Top

Crazy Glamour Latex Top
Crazy Glamour Latex Top

Designer: Schokomaus
Model: Avengelique
Our “Crazy Glamour” latex top lives up to its name.

This top definitely belongs to the most original items of your collection.

At first glance, it looks like a top with a bolero worn over it.

This special effect makes the “Crazy Glamour” top a one-of-a-kind eye-catcher.

This top seems very noble and there is NOTHING that it will not go well with.

Whether worn with short or long dresses, leggings or pants, the matching possibilities of this top are countless.

- unusual and slim-fitting latex top
- long sleeves that are slightly gathered at the ends magically caress your shoulders and arms
- the wonderful, hip-length cut wonderfully puts your curves under the spotlight
- the unusual heart-shaped neckline wonderfully emphasises your cleavage
- a half-length, concealed zipper at the back provides comfortable dressing and undressing
- this top’s highlight is definitely the embedded bolero that creates a special and glamorous effect
- the embedded bolero covers the shoulders, arms, the sides of the chest and reaches to about the blade bones at the back
- The section below the embedded bolero is finished at the front and rear in the main colour of your choice
- in order to achieve an additional effect, the bolero edging and sleeve openings of the “Crazy Glamour" top are finished in a contrasting colour
- this elaborate top is lovingly hand-made down to the smallest detail
- it is elaborately glued and perfectly finished
- pictured in the main colour metallic purple and contrasting colour transparent pink
- the “Crazy Glamour” top is available in all colour combinations

Main color = The top’s main colour + sleeve openings contrasting edging + contrasting edging of the embedded bolero

Contrasting color = colour of the embedded bolero
Weight 2.00 lbs
Made to Measure Time (days) 55 of backlog    Here's Why
Standard Manufactoring Time (days) 49 of backlog    Here's Why
Our price: $122.99   (122.99 USD BASE PRICE)
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