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Return and Exchange:  In general, we will only refund monies on goods that are faulty in manufacture.  We typically will replace goods that are sized wrong, even if you made the wrong size choice!

Warranty:  It’s simple: if we mess up, we take care of it. There are a few caveats, though, so let’s go through them:

  1. This warranty only applies to goods bought through this website, www.latexcatfish.store.  It includes all products, even made to measure or custom gear. Everything we sell under the LatexCatfish brand from our site.
  2. Within the first 14 days after you receive it, we will only refund monies on goods that are faulty and you are unhappy.  If we've screwed up so badly on your order within the first 14 days after receipt, Contact us here and we can work with you to fix, replace or repair your items.   This stops the 14 day clock - i.e. if you are working with us we will work with you.
  3. If you want a refund you'll need a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) from us to send it back to us.   We will refund 100% of the purchase price and shipping fees once we recieve the items.
  4. After that first 14 days, we will generally repair or replace (at our sole discretion) any of our work that becomes unglued, fasteners break, grommets pop out or for other reasonable failures of the goods to fasten or stay together.

    Now for the exceptions:

  5. If you didn't take care of it, we can't warranty it.  Latex originates from a natural product requiring much more care than your everyday off-the shelf poly/cotton blends.  If you send it back to us and it’s all rotted out because it’s not been cleaned, or it’s been left in the sun or you've put a hole through it or popped the zipper eating too many buffet meals, we can't cover it.  We will offer you some options for repairs, if we can do anything about it.  We also can help with the eulogy.
  6. If you chlorinate or otherwise chemically treat it, we can't help you anymore.   While we think chlorination, in general, is a cool thing, if used on latex, it changes the structure of the material, making it slick and somewhat brittle. In our experience so far, if chlorinated or chemically treated, the latex is more likely to fail and fall apart.   As manufacturing techniques improve, we may be able to offer some help here, but for now we can't warranty anything that has been chemically treated.
  7. If you send it back to us all sweaty, smoky, sticky or stinky, we will charge (or deduct) a $25 cleanup fee. Really, we don't want to smell you. If we have to call hazmat out because there’s an unknown substance in or on the material, then this clean-up price will go up - a lot.  While those hazmat guys look sexy in their rubber, they do charge us a fortune to clean things up.
  8. There are basic wear areas which are going to wear out, such as feet, fingers, joints, etc.  Those should last, but not forever, and wear and tear in these areas is not warranted, but possibly repairable - ask us.
  9. The following items cannot be returned:
    • Panties (Please note, due to federal laws and for health and safety reasons, we are unable to issue refunds on opened panties or items that cover the crotch. You can probably figure out why on your own).
    • Stocking, body stocking, pasties, body appliqués, and panty hose
    • Items that have been worn, if you need to try something on, wear undergarments.  See #6 above.
    • Items that have been laundered
    • Items that smell of perfume, body odor or cigarette smoke (well, see No. 6 above, if you return these you will be charged $25.00)
    • Items that have human or animal/pet hair on them
    • Items that are soiled or stained
    • Items not returned in original packaging
    • Sale, auction or clearance items – these items are sold as is and such sales are final and may not be returned due to dislike, quality, sizing or color.
  10. Because we will need to pay our people to take care of your stuff, unless it’s our fault, we can charge you up to 25% restocking fee and a $5.00 minimum charge, if the garments are not returned in original condition.

How to get an RMA Number.

Send us an email to "[email protected]"    Please include your original order number, name, email, telephone number, etc., and any changes to your shipping address.  If you don't know your order number, we can try to look it up, but give us as many clues as you can.  "My name is Dave and I have a black catsuit" isn't going to be all that helpful.  While we value you individually as a customer, we have a lot of Daves and even more black catsuits out there. Help us, help you here.

How long does it take?


Well, that depends.  We have two places you can ship to: you can ship to our Texas office (that’s typically cheaper); however, for major repairs, it’s going to go back to China.  This takes 14 days minimum just in shipping, and probably longer.  Once in our hands, it may take several days to fix, adjust or repair.  SO, you should set your expectations somewhere between 30-45 days round trip.   We will generally get under that, with holidays, shipping and unknowns being what they are, we don't want to over-promise and under-deliver on what we can do for you.  Any questions, just ask!