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Latex Face Entry Catsuit

Latex Face Entry Catsuit

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Customer feedback

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Mr. Søren Pedersen
Dec 16, 2013
After a bit of problems whit DHL who somehow couldn`t find out how to send my suit to my I finaly got it november 28 by EMS whits worked out fine

Advantages: Because the way it`s made it alwsays snapes itself into the best fit around my body. it`sso nice to whear because there is no anoying zippers to restrict mowements. The 5 toe sock I have got atached is an nice touch. It`s so mutch fun to put on the suit especialy when you have worked your arms in it and the shoulder snaps in place around you. Wow

Disadvantages: A bit tight to get on and wery hard to get of whitout help.
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Jul 28, 2014
Got this suit in thicker 0.6mm latex. Fabulous suit that was well-made and great gluework, plain socks were very comfortable, the pull-over hood is super. This suit could easily have been one of my best suits ever! That is for one major design-problem...the neck-entry is tight as it has to stretch to get over one shoulder and arm to get in, is VERY difficult. Getting out was even harder and left several bruises on my arms. The problem is the 0.6mm latex. I love the thickness but this suit is probably only to be made in stretchy 0.4mm. On my 3rd wear the entire neck ripped open and ruined the entire suit. I did use a lot of silicon lube and a second person to gently help me out but it broke anyways. :0(
Even the chlorination inside did not help to slide through the neckopening.

Advantages: Beautiful suit, well made and the dream of any rubberboy wanting to be locked into a 'rubberprison'....fabulous all-wrapped-in-rubber feeling.
Chlorination inside was well-done.

Disadvantages: Suit was in 0.6mm thicker rubber and broke extremely quick as neck is tight and really not designed to be stretched over the shoulder. Hard to slide in and nearly impossible to get out without bruising your arms. Suit should only be sold in stretchy thin 0.4mm latex
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Jul 31, 2014
After the suit broke, I contacted Latexcatfish and they replied very promptly. They offered to make a new suit and offered even a choice of 0.2mm or 0.4mm. Now THAT is great customer service. That is mainly why I have ordered two more suits from them!

Advantages: Great Customer service and very prompt replies to e-mails.

Disadvantages: None
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Mr. Søren Pedersen
Aug 17, 2014
I got the suit in royal blue whit gloves and feet. The only opening in the suit is the face. When I´m cliimbing into the suit it´s wery tight, but once I´m inside it fits prefect. I have ben swimming in a lokal lake whit the suit on. It´s watertight so you doesn´t ruin the rubber feeling while you are in the water. It´s so mutch fun.

Advantages: Perfect fit only latex NO zippers.
The suit feel more like you are inside it than you are wearing it.

Disadvantages: A bit hard to to get into and out of. (When I want to get out of it I fill th arms whit water in the shower and pull my arms up into the suit and up though the face openi one at the time
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Mr. nero hero
Oct 2, 2014
Took about 30 days from ordering to receiving, it then took 6 attempts over about 4 hours to get into it. This was partly due to it being really tight and quite thick latex and also due to the effort required to get in making me hot and sweaty. As I was using talc the instant I started to sweat the latex just stuck to me and I could get no further. Eventually got in it though, then the real fun started... trying to get out of it again. I very nearly had to phone a friend but remembered reading about someone who got in the shower and filled the suit with water to help them get out. So I tried that and eventually got out.

Advantages: It's awesome once it's on, very good quality and pretty much air tight. The only reason it's not air tight is because it doesn't seal around my face air tight. It glosses up really well also. I will definitely be ordering a custom made suit in the not too distant future

Disadvantages: Very difficult to get in and out of on your own, gloves are too tight and stop circulation in one finger and ankles are a bit loose on me but for an off the shelf suit I'm not complaining. One real dislike is the center crotch seam, for a man you want a seam either side not one in the middle
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Oct 18, 2016
So happy with this suit. I bought in Metallic Green with attached toe socks and gloves. 0.4mm. Make sure you use a lot of lube with this one - getting into it took a lot of effort. The trick is to get a lot of lube in the suit, without getting much inside the gloves so you don't lose any dexterity. But wow, once on it was amazing - like a second skin hugging every crevice. Suit seems very well made - I've only tried it on once, so we'll see how it holds up to wear and tear.
Took a very long time to get the suit off. It helps to take it off in the shower using water as a lubricant.
Fast shipping to Canada too! Very happy with my purchase.

Advantages: Well made. Anatomically proportioned well - no tight spots anywhere. Love the colour. No zippers anywhere makes it truly airtight

Disadvantages: Requires a lot of patience and lube to get on, and especially off. Not really a disadvantage though - to be expected. Be gentle!
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Mar 30, 2016
So happy I purchased this suit! Everything is perfect! The wait was absolutely worth it! The amazing craftsmanship that went into creating this suit is second to none! As I'm lucky to fit into standard sizes I opted for XS. Even then it was a great fit. Would definitely recommend this suit! Great work Latex Catfish :)

Advantages: Good quality latex
Seams are tidy
Nice and tight

Disadvantages: As it was my first time in a face entry suit, it was quite difficult to get out. I was at one point stuck and was think about cutting myself free. But then remembered there's a clip online that shows how to get out from it. Also the cock sheath was far too stiff and a little small, which resulted in some DIY and eventually cut it off. But overall don't let these disadvantages put you off. You wont be disappointed!
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Apr 17, 2016
I ordered this suit in thickness 0.4mm, made to measure, chlorinated, without gloves and socks. Advantage of chlorination is that I did not use any lubricant when I put suit on. The suit is comfortable, has a good smell, but it was quite difficult to put it on and really difficult to take it off. For taking it off I used a rope pushed under latex from the neck to the wrist.

For the future I would like to have stirrups (footstraps) option in socks option menu for all catsuits and possibility for this one to choose hood which would close chin, like on viking drysuits.
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Mr. Christopher Perrott
Jul 30, 2016
this catsuit is the best ever other than my error with the color but that is not aproblem keep up the excellent work

Advantages: good fit allover

Disadvantages: none
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Dec 30, 2016
I ordered all the bells and whistles: custom tailored, chlorinated, penis pouch, five toed socks, and shoulder entry. Arrival by DHL was prompt as expected. I failed to get it on after several attempts. I had to learn how to pull on the back panel to enable the zipper to close around my upper arm and shoulder. Once you master that it all takes only five minutes to don. The feeling around the rubbered up penis sheath is out of this world because the placement is perfectly fitted. I ordered he mask with no mouth and small holes at the eyes. It's really snug on my head. The 0.8mm rubber provides ample stimulation all over my body.

Thank to the seamstresses for the quality job.

Advantages: Great fit; makes you horny before you can slip into it.

Disadvantages: Gloves are a bit too tight.
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Mr. Spike Jones
Aug 26, 2017
Received my yesterday. She surprised my with it. My girlfriend and her friend helped me into it. She had fun getting my penis into the sheaf. they painted my finger and toe nails. My girlfriend read the reviews about on to get out by my self. she immediately put my collar on and locked it.
she ordered me to spend my time writing reviews about all my latex gifts.
No problems as it was like wearing a second skin.
After wearing it a bit of time. the latex slips as you moves.

Advantages: fits like a second skin. full use of it sexually wise. problem you do not know if you are slipping inside her or the latex.
It has been 18+ hours sense she sealed me in. Still feels great.

Disadvantages: No tube inside sheaf. everything stays inside.
Everyone knows you re enjoying it.
she also ordered the hood with only nose tubes. Now I do not know who I am enjoying playing with.
Hood is going back on, BY
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Dec 29, 2019
Ordered mine with attached 5 toe socks, gloves, and sheath. Fits fantastic, and with no zippers it moves with you like a second skin. Very nice seam work. Great suit for the money.

Advantages: Like a second skin. It lends itself to layering yery well as there are no zippers to worry about. Once you get in past the shoulders, it definitely snaps into place to let you know your in it.

Disadvantages: Tricky to get into without lots of lube/patience. Can be difficult to get out of solo if your shoulders aren't that mobile. Clean up and care takes a bit more effort to get right given that the only opening is the size of your face.
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Mr. Tyler Goodwin
Jul 26, 2015
This is the first piece of latex clothing I have ever purchased and I am truly pleased with it. By far the best piece of clothing I have ever purchased. Fits me perfectly. Have never felt anything so good on my skin. Took quite a while to receive my suit after I ordered it but overall I am very happy with it. Will definitely consider purchasing more from this designer!

Advantages: Suit is very well constructed (especially considering all the stretching of the material that is required to get into and out of the suit) Seams are very neat and discreet and the latex shines up very nicely.

Disadvantages: A little difficult to get into and very difficult to get out of but I guess that's a price you gotta pay when you want a zipperless catsuit. From purchase date to delivery to me in western Canada took almost two months even though I paid extra for the DHL shipping.
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Mr. William Durling
Aug 15, 2017
Very well made and sexy. I've bought from other latex vendors and Latex
Catfish is the best - in quality of workmanship, customer service and shipping. It may take awhile for them to make your order but it's well worth the wait. I also like the fact they use DHL for shipping, the quickest for overseas shipping.
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