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Customer feedback

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Inflatable toy
Jan 17, 2019
This suit is amazingly made and big too though I did choose a big size which was perfect

Advantages: Your basically trapped in the suit I needed help zipping it up and when it inflated I could look anywhere but forward which was amazing feeling the sound of of rubber that the suit made was amazing I felt and sounded like a balloon

Disadvantages: There isn’t much wrong with this suit unless you hate close space other than that nope nothing wrong with it
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Apr 26, 2019
I ordered this suit december 1. 2018 and got it yesterday april 25 2019.
Well it defintialy worth the long wait.
I ordered the suit in royal blue on the outer layer and transparent skin on the inner layer and in size L
It fits perfect.
Once i closed the zipper and inflated it WOW
It´s by far the best suit i have ever worn

Advantages: The inner layer feels absolutly amazing
Getting into the suit is very easy

Disadvantages: Nothing really
Once i get it on i can´t get my self to take it off
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Rich Sollars
Feb 13, 2019
I have owned this suit a few months now and have to say its absolutely fabulous. It feels tremendous when on and inflated.
I use it with some inflatable ball gloves and a timer lock on the zips to feel totally trapped. I bought at 0.8mm outer and 0.4mm inner. My favourite suit by miles.

Advantages: Supremely well made, fits perfectly, great design and feeling.

Disadvantages: None! Perhaps I should have had it made in 1mm outer thickness and 0.6mm inner though, hard to say :) maybe next time !
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Jul 6, 2019
I know that i have reveiwed this suit once but, since i wrote the last review i have found a new way to use it.
I ordered this suit with a royal blue outer layer and a transperant skin inner layer.
The transperant inner layer make the suit absolutely wonderfull to wear.
Ehen i got the suit i slowly built up an urge to try floating on a lake in it.
I wasn´t sure if the suit was up to it, but i mustered the currage to go out and try it.
Wearing my wetsuit boots and a rain dress over the suit i arrived to the lake
I took my scuba fins on and inflated the suit.
As i vaded into the water i could already feel the boyancy.
I letted my self flip forward on my stomach side and i was floating.
The suit held up and is very comfortable to float in.
Becauce of the hood no water enters the suit making the weightless rubber feeling of floating in the suiut awsome.
I have been on several floating trips and the suit hold up nicely.
It´s also able to inflate much bigger than on the picture.

Advantages: Very easy to get in and out of.
The hood does that no water enters the suit while i´m floating.
The latex has a really nice smell

Disadvantages: The inner legs are not connected to the outer legs making them go up in the suit when i take it off.
It´s not a huge problem, just a little anoying when i am climbing into it next time
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